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     We are all about business, but having a great business requires balance. Your "Why Factor" is what makes you get back up after the world knocks you down. Success in business without happiness is hollow and does not come from a place of true inspiration. We create a passive income for you but we don't stop there. Think about your mind being filled with your life's desires, emotions, needs, experiences, and relationships. All these things create their own space in our mind. It’s difficult to put it all together and determine how they might affect your future. We have named this phenomenon the "Why Factor". We want our clients to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. Our motivation comes from our "Why Factor" and we want to help you discover yours. Somewhere in the spaces created by these things lies a great store of energy, motivation, and brilliance. We believe that your true inspiration lies within this concept. We call this concept collectively, "Why Factor" because it is why you are who you are, and why you do what you do. If you are seeking inspiration, you're in the right place. More money will never make you happy so as we help you grow your income, we hope you'll join us for this journey to be inspired and happy regardless of our circumstances.

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