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Whether you have $100 or $1,000 to invest you may realize very quickly that it’s not enough money to start an Amazon business with. We have a crowdfunding option. We take investments from various sources and pool the money together to create Amazon businesses.

What is crowd funding?

Crowd funding is when a lot of people contribute a small amount of money thereby raising the required investment amount be it big or small.

Better than keeping your money in the bank if you're seeking income from your money.

Will it replace your job right away? No. But if you invest for several months to a year it is possible that your will make $4,000 or more after only a year. The best part is, your principal amount doesn't diminish when you take your profits out. 

This is an income-generating investment. 

Every person who contributes funds to one of our businesses, owns a proportionate share in the business. If you choose to invest with us, you can get your money back anytime you want and you keep the profit you made while the money was with us. 

That is so much better than a savings account. 

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How to start doing Amazon FBA with only a little bit of money


Whether you have 100 or 1000 to invest you may realize very quickly that it’s not enough money to start an Amazon business with. We have a crowdfunding option. We take investments from various different sources and pool the money together to create one Amazon business. We look for $50,000 total in the “pool” before we start these investments. So if you put in $1000 you will get one 10th of the profit every two weeks. Let me say that a different way. For $1000, you can create a passive income with Amazon FBA. Take a look at our small investors page for more details and to sign up for the program. 


The process:


  • Call us or go on our website to make your initial investment in your new Amazon business

  • You will receive ownership documentation to sign for your business within 48 hours then you own 10% of the llc. 

  • We start a new brand and launch a product with your llc. 

  • When the product sells, you will receive a check via direct deposit or mail (your choice) with 10% of the profits for each two week period. 

  • Viola! Passive income from Amazon without a lot of money. 


A larger investment will bring larger returns, but this investment funding option is intended specifically for people who want to start an Amazon FBA business without a lot of money. So now you know how to start your Amazon FBA business with $1000. You can always come here when you're ready to get started.


The best part about it is that you can always get your money back at any time. If you invest $1000 and later you realize you need your money back, you simply go onto our website and process the sale of your share of the business back to us. That is, we are not a bank and we do not operate like a bank, but your money will be in the bank and we can transfer it to you upon request. When your investment is sold, “Fba Business In A Box“ takes your place as investor in the brand. So, put another way, you always have the option to sell out of your position in the company. Here’s the thing, if you invest $1000 into something and then you get 10% of the profit, you could be looking at a pretty large paycheck every two weeks from your brand as it grows. An Amazon business will typically grow quickly over the course of one year without investing any more money. The crowdfunding business plan is on our webpage and we encourage you to look at it if you want to start Amazon FBA with only a little money. Your investment will start paying you back immediately. You will usually make your money back within 6 to 8 months, at which point, you still have your share of the business worth $1000 as it grows. So it’s really the fastest way to generate an income on Amazon and it’s also the most cost effective. To the best of our knowledge, no one else is doing something like this.


This is true income investing. In the stock market when you invest in something it goes up you have to sell the stock in order to get your money back and use it if it has ground, with an Amazon store you get to take profits every month and leave your principal investment in place. So you are building an asset and a passive income.


When someone invests in an Amazon business through our crowdfunding option, they get a certificate of ownership of a company. Typically for $1000, you get 10% ownership of your brand. All the accounts and expenses will be open to you. You will know the product and the profit. We will send you a report of your earnings daily. Your Amazon brand includes a website and your product will be posted all over the internet. For $1000 you get ownership of an Amazon business. That is not possible anywhere else. We will build the business properly and in the future if it is worth far more than $10,000 you can always sell your share of the company. 


If you want to invest much more than that, we can work the same situation out for you on a larger scale. Although if you have $10,000 of your own money to invest, you should probably just hire us to start a brand for you and then you get 100% of the profit. For $1000 you get 10% of the profit but it’s better if you can keep it all. One of the greatest benefits of the crowdfunding option is the fact that it is completely passive. You make the investment and you walk away. We will deposit your profits every two weeks like a paycheck. Use your profits to pay your bills or save up to start another brand by yourself.


When you make your original investment, you will not be told what the product is, only the category. That is only fair to the rest of our investors so that we do not create competition out of other competent investors. You will have all the details for your product once you start getting daily reports for your business. 


We create Amazon businesses for a living. We will successfully create hundreds of brands over the next 10 or 15 years. If you want to start a brand online without a lot of money, this is the best way to do it. You absolutely own the company, the brand, and the website. You will even be listed as an owner on all the paperwork for the business, website, bank accounts etc. I stress the point that this is ownership of an actual business because sometimes people think we’re asking for their money as a donation. That’s not the case. You invest money and you get a return on your investment month after month until you sell your share of the business. 


Feel free to give us a call or send us a message with your questions and comments. We always answer the phone for our customers and you always have the ability to talk to the person managing your business. You are not left in the dark or treated like a commodity, you will be treated like a business owner and when you call you are the boss. You just keep working your normal job and keep doing whatever you’re doing. $1000 invested in an Amazon business will do far better than $1000 in your bank account (which does almost nothing). Create passive income that will pay you month after month, year after year, with a small investment. You don’t need a lot of money to start an Amazon FBA. You just need the right partners. 

So even if you only have $1000 to invest, you could be the owner of an Amazon brand. 

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