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      A great salesman is a rare find. Welcome to "Method Selling", where we teach sales as a way of life. A way of solving problems with other people that spans beyond the transactional boundaries traditionally assiciated with selling something.

     Communication is really another way to say "sales". Since sales is the transference of emotion or belief, all communication could really be defined that way. I've been working on this idea ever since my second year in my construction business. The fact that everything I did was some form of sales kept coming back to me with every interaction. My success in business was due almost entirely to my sales skills. I feel confident saying that because, before my business, I had limited experience doing anything else. So most of my experience was in sales.

     In business, I wasn't only selling when I met a potential customer, I was selling all the time. Employees are a great example. You think it'd be easy to provide a job to someone with great skills but it's not easy. I found myself constantly in sales situations with employees and encountered many customers who often needed to be sold every time I saw them. I began to realize that selling isn't an activity, it's more of a way of doing things. Like method acting, selling doesn't come and go. Selling is not the same as acting but it's a close parallel.

     When you're selling a product or service, it's likely that you act differently in that sales situation than you do in almost any other circumstance in life. Asking for something is only a part of selling. So, to sell, you don't have to be talking anyone into anything. For example, a demonstration of your service or product is more powerful than a verbal explanation.

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